Do an unnecessary act of love today, remembering God’s love for you.
Deliberately count your BLESSINGS in a prayerful way today.
Take away your office or home candy dish – replace it with a basket of random acts of kindness and prayer intentions for people to take and do.
Put the names of 40 people you love, care about, or have lost contact with – pick a name each day and write them a letter.
Participate in a SLU Campus Ministry Lenten event.
Media Fast – Give up all or some of your social media access, while also making an effort to have intentional conversations with people in person or over the phone.
Pray the Daily Morning Offering or other prayer to offer up your day to God.
Daily Examen – In the middle and/or at the end of each day, pray the Examination of Conscience of St. Ignatius of Loyola.
Let go of a long standing grudge. Practice real forgiveness after the example of Jesus.
Call a relative with whom you have been out of contact.
Smile at everyone you meet today.
Be generous with your compliments today, especially to those who appear to be “down”.
Think of a person with whom you have a strained relationship and make some gesture toward improving that relationship.
Say “thank you” for little things to people who go unnoticed.
Take a moment to listen.
Make eye contact and wish the person a “Good Morning” or “Good Afternoon”.
Say a prayer before you eat your lunch today.
Sacrifice-do a difficult task.
Give up judging others; think of the others’ good qualities.
Make an extra effort to make someone laugh.
Today be patient with people who do not agree with your opinion.
Hold a door and smile.
Say “Good Morning” or “Good Afternoon” as you pass someone’s open office door.
Acknowledge “invisible” people, those no one speaks to or those who serve us but usually get passed by. If possible, invite them to lunch or to get coffee.
Express thoughtfulness toward someone in your classes or at home – someone you find hard to like.
Say “thank you” for the smallest favors.
Take 10 minutes for yourself and reflect on your spiritual life.
Say a prayer for those less fortunate.
Don’t say anything negative for 24 hours.
Pray for all the students, staff and faculty at Saint Louis University.
Do something that is above and beyond what is expected without expecting to be rewarded.
Offer a prayer of acceptance for something you cannot change right now.
When you hear someone criticized, put in a good word for the person.
What do you worry about most?  Make an act of trust in God.
Make an effort to say or do an act of kindness for someone to whom you have been unkind.
Make a list of 3 things you are thankful for.  Add 1 more each day this week.
Pray that you may not be a source of irritation to another.

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