Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Reflection for April 11, 2017

Tuesday of Holy Week
IS 49: 1-6
PS 71: 1-2, 3-4A, 5AB- 6AB, 15 and 17
JN 13: 21- 33, 36- 38

From Creighton University's Online Ministries:

The message during Holy week is one of the most powerful Jesus delivers. God loves us as imperfect human beings. I imagine Jesus eating, laughing, the disciples toasting one another as they share time and stories with one another. It is a celebration of being together and yet Jesus knows what will happen. In this story I feel the all encompassing love and forgiveness of Jesus.  I also feel the tremendous sadness for what is yet to come. In this case as most betrayals, they are not pre-meditated or a pre-contemplative action.

I can relate.

As a child growing up with a brother and sister there were many opportunities for betrayal and denial. Innocent as they were it begins to painfully paint the picture of my imperfect soul. Friendship…hurting one friend to be with another.
Again painfully portraying my imperfection. I could go on. Fortunately those experiences with reflection, prayer and asking God to forgive moves me forward. These experiences teaches me to be a better person today and tomorrow. I want that next opportunity.   So during this Holy Week I take a step toward God, kneel to the ground and humbly ask for forgiveness and strength and God’s everlasting love to carry on.  I celebrate the opportunity to be an imperfect human.

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