Saturday, March 25, 2017

Reflection for March 25, 2017

Solemnity of the Annunciation of the Lord
IS 7:10-14; 8-10
PS 40: 7-8A, 8B-9, 10, 11
HEB 10: 4-10
JN 1:14B
LK 1:26- 38

“It’s not about me.” 

My mom always reminds us 4 kids that it’s not about us whenever we caught up in our fast paced lives. It’s not about me. Can I say that I understand the meaning of this saying? To live a life that is not for my own fulfillment but for others, for God, for a greater purpose? In today’s readings, we are called to live not for our own will, but for God’s will. Mary was called to be the Mother of our Lord, to give up her plans, and to live a life for God. How would we react to such an undertaking? Would we agree whole-heartedly like Mary did, to allow God to work freely in our lives? As sinners, we have all struggled with agreeing, without resentment, to do God’s will. So how do we learn say yes? Trust. 

Now, what does it mean to trust? We pray to God that he will work his ways in our lives but as soon as new opportunities arise, we may start to shut him out. We may withdraw ourselves rather than be willing to accept his plan, a plan that we may not initially fully understand. A plan that involves leaving our path and following an unknown one. A plan that may lead us away from those we find comfort in. A plan that may bring fear. But the real beauty in this is that God will lead us closer to him when we “Let Go and Let God.”

How I wish to someday be open to letting God lead me without my resistance and fully understand that it’s really not about me. It’s about him. And with Lent, we have the opportunity to open our hearts more fully to sensing God’s call, in all aspects of our lives. We are called to sacrifice for him and to live out his will for the betterment of others. In order to really do such actions of faith, we need to ask God for assistance as we let go of our aspirations and let him guide our lives. While fear may be our first reaction, we must learn to trust and follow the example of Mary in her yes. Such trust may start in prayerful conversation with God, talking to him like we would a friend and learning to heed his words. Because, it should be our goal to one day trust in his call and understand that it’s all about his work in our lives.

Anna Becker is a Junior biology major on a Pre-Dental Track. 

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