Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Reflection for March 29, 2017

Wednesday of Fourth Week of Lent
IS 49: 8-15
PS 145: 8-9, 13CD- 14, 17-18
JN 11: 25A, 26
JN 5: 17- 30

“I do not seek my own will, but the will of the one who sent me."

As I read today’s readings I couldn’t help but think about how much time I spend worrying. Worrying about whether or not I will do well on my next exam. Worrying about whether or not I will get hired for a summer job. Worrying about whether or not I’ve called my parents enough. In other words, I spend a lot a time worrying about whether or not I have made the right decisions concerning what I want to do with my own life. Today’s readings, however, forced me to take a step back and remember I am not here to forge my own path, rather God has laid a path for me. I am not here to live out my own will, but to strive to seek the will God laid out for me.
            This is by no means easy. I often find myself wondering why God would forge a path specifically for me when there are billions of other people in the world, but as God reminds us in the first reading, he will never forget us. He is always watching over us, loving us, and guiding us down the path He intends us to follow. It is one thing to say that, but it is a very different thing to trust in God’s will, to stop worrying, and to let go of our own desires. So, as we approach these last weeks of lent, let us seek not our own will, but God’s. Let us try to trust in God wholly and completely. Let us open ourselves to God’s love and await the many blessings he has planned for us.

Sidney Smith is a Freshman Nursing major.

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