Sunday, March 23, 2014

Reflection for Sunday, March 23, 2014


The idea of Lent has always been, for me, the idea of giving up a material possession. As a young child growing up, I remember debating about whether I should “give up” chocolate, or soda, or other unhealthy foods, knowing that when Easter came, I could eat candy or drink soda again. Lent seemed to be about sacrifice, and self-discipline. And I believe that it is. But, for me, it is also about trust. Trust that the sacrifice and self-discipline would lead to a deeper sense of self, or a deeper understanding of others, and perhaps lead to a deeper understanding of my relationship with God.

Maybe, this year, I should “give up” my disbelief in others and challenge myself to trust the God in them, in their words, and in their actions. Instead of giving up, maybe it is time for me to embrace differing perspectives in my fellows and suspend criticism, which seems to be a natural part of our thinking these days, and simply trust. Trust that God is in our midst and will provide water to those who thirst. Trust that Moses is not leading us astray. Trust that my spirit will guide me through my daily life so that I can act with peaceful intent.

Stacey Harrington is Assistant Vice President for Academic Affairs.

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