Monday, March 30, 2015

Reflection for Monday, March 30, 2015

Monday of Holy Week
IS 42: 1-7
PS 27: 1, 2, 3, 13-14
JN 12: 1-11

Imagine for a second that you are dead, completely and utterly lifeless. You wait in your tomb as spider webs grow around you. Then one day, your tomb is opened, light shines forth upon you, and a man commands you to live again. You breathe life in, and exit the place of your burial. This is the story of Lazarus, and it is the story of each of us. We have a Christ who comes into the darkest and most disgusting places in our heart and commands life into them.
In today’s Gospel, John continues the story of Lazarus when Lazarus is seen at table with Jesus. To be at table with Jesus is no difficult task. In fact, the tax collectors, prostitutes, and societal scumbags were the most common to recline with him. But instead of focusing on these other guests, we must focus on Jesus and ourselves.
We have once been in the grave. We have seen the despair of sin and vice and the hopelessness of suffering. In some sense, we know death like Lazarus knows death. Christ opens our tombs and calls us to life. He breathes a new joy into us. He wipes off the dust surrounding our bodies, and invites us to flourish with him.
Now for the first time since our resurrection, we meet with the man who brought us back to life, and we enjoy an intimate dinner with him, along with our close friends and family. The man who gave us life presents us with an opportunity to know him and to be his friend. How amazing is it to build a relationship with the man who performs the greatest miracles? This is the experience of Lazarus.

Placing yourself in the seat of Lazarus at table with Christ, think about how you would act…
How would I thank Jesus for giving me new life?
What would Jesus ask of me?
What would I think when Mary pours oil over Jesus’ feet?
Would I be angry when Judas asks to sell the oil?
Would I be one to turn on Jesus at his crucifixion in just a few days?

I wish I could be present for the conversations that Jesus and Lazarus had while at table that day. And I realize I can, for I am Lazarus and Christ has invited me to recline with him. Jesus not only performs miracles, but he seeks intimate relationships with us. Like Lazarus, we all are called to 
be at table with the Christ.

Brad Giacone is a freshman pre-law student studying Economics and International Business.

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