Saturday, March 28, 2015

Reflection for Saturday, March 28, 2015

Saturday of the Fifth Week of Lent

In the gospel today we find the Pharisees discussing the fate of Jesus. And they come to a conclusion:

“So from that day on they planned to kill Him.”

If we aren’t careful, we might just read over that sentence to see what follows. But read that again, slower: “So from that day on they planned to kill Him.” Yes it is a sad sentence, but what this really is, is a death sentence. It is the death sentence of your God. 

Jesus knew that He was going to die for us. He knew that He was on Earth to save us. And He knew that it was not going to be easy. Yet, it is not hard to imagine that He was still upset and scared when the decision was finally made. Imagine how you would feel if you knew people were planning to kill you. Jesus was fully divine, but He was also fully human.

And who was it that made the decision to kill our Lord and Savior? Sure we can blame it on the Pharisees, but (watch out, this might sting) in all reality it was you and I. Christ came to die for our sins and give us eternal life, so with each sin we help to create Jesus’s death sentence.

Now imagine you know for a fact what your mission on Earth is. And you know exactly what it is going to take to complete that mission -- the final step. This line from the gospel may be a death sentence, but it is also the beginning of the end -- the completion of Jesus’s of mission on Earth. He loves us more than we can imagine and this is how He is going to save us.

Lent is a time to reflect on our human nature, and grow closer to Jesus by working with Him to conquer sin. It hurts us to think about the pain we caused Jesus on the cross – that you and I decided Christ’s death sentence -- but in remembering this, we can find incredible humility and humbleness. God loves us so much. And as Catholics what better way to repay Him for our sins, than by giving our selves to Him in the Sacrament of Reconciliation. Jesus loves us more than we can imagine and surrendering to His love in Confession is the perfect way to prepare for the completion of His mission this Easter.

I am sorry for my sins. I am sorry for the pain I caused You on the cross. Teach me humility, and help me to humble myself before You and before others. Rid me of myself, Lord. I belong to You.

H. Parker Davis is a Sophomore Theology and Communication Double Major, Visual Communication Minor.

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